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About Boco Rock Wind Farm

Boco Rock Wind Farm is situated on ridgelines 10km south west of Nimmitabel and 30km north of Bombala in NSW. Stage One of the wind farm consisting of 67 turbines has been operating since 2015 and generates 113MW of renewable energy. The project received Development Approval from the NSW Government in 2010 for up to 122 turbines.


Boco Rock Wind Farm Stage Two Modification has been assessed and approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment. Stage Two will include up to 20 wind turbine generators with a maximum tip height of 200m within the approved Yandra cluster wind turbine generator locations. The purpose of the Modification is to accommodate contemporary wind turbine technology which has evolved towards longer blade lengths and taller towers to increase generation efficiency and therefore electrical production. No changes to the Stage One operational Project are proposed as part of the Modification.


More information regarding the proposed Stage Two Modification can be found on the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Major Project website here:


GE are the wind turbine suppliers for Stage One of the project, and turbine components were sourced from around the world.

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